Happy Birthday Trudy!

Trudy celebrated her "Sweet" 16th Birthday on July 26th. Getting her to this ripe old age has been a true labor of love and one that we continue to arduously pursue each day. She was diagnosed just a few weeks ago with doggie dementia. Just like with humans, our medical interference has allowed her body to grow old beyond its expectations but we are now seeing the consequences with her mind. She is on a special dementia medication that works about 50% of the time in dogs. Our vet (and probably everyone else in our lives) thinks we are nuts but she deserves every chance for a happy and healthy life! We love you T-Bear!

For those curious what doggie dementia looks like:
  • Getting lost in the yard or in the house, can't find their way around familiar furniture
  • Pacing and wondering, starring at random spots for long periods of time
  • Sleeps heavily during the day and paces at night (Sundown syndrome)
  • Easily startled, scared and shaky, does not recognize familiar people or pets
  • Potties in the house, forgets commands/rituals they used to know