College is Full of Ups and Downs

As you already know I was taking quite a heavy course load this semester, 18 credits. These include:

Sociology 101
Spanish 101
Trigonometry 182
Chemistry 151 &
Literature 261

Today I made the decision to drop Spanish. There is so much to this story, I cannot even begin to recount the process but it was after working on (or more accurately, not working on) Trig homework last night that I realized I was stretched too thin. I couldn't handle all the homework, time, and dedication it takes to ace five classes. So instead, I will now work on acing four classes. I lost my money and spent $160 on a book that with my luck won't be used by the next time I take Spanish, but for my sanity, for my pets, and most of all for my husband, who has been watching me struggle and cry for three weeks, something had to give....and that something was Spanish.

With any luck, my website will get updated a little more often now that I have time to sleep and eat again!

Until Next Time!!