It's Finally Over!

I have been home for about an hour and completed my last final this morning. It was a three hour chemistry test and my brain feels like a bowl of Jello-o or perhaps a pile of mush. I have determined that three hours is about two hours too long to be looking at chemistry. I had confidence on the first portion of the test which was the National 70 multiple choice question assessment, until I realized I had only mere moments to finish and was only 3/4 of the way complete. I had to guess on the last 1/4. I suppose I learned an important lesson, don't do each one in order and work them out completely...go through the test first, answer the obvious ones, and than go back and work on the hard ones. I tend to believe, however, that the creators of the test make it so that to complete the test accurately is close to impossible.

The last portion of the test was my teacher's version of the final which was supposed to be easy but after looking at two hours of multiple choice questions, I began to second guess myself and forgot formulas. In addition, formulas and equations that we didn't have to memorize throughout the semester suddenly were supposed to be memorized BUT we didn't know that. Let's just say that test didn't go well. My teacher said not to worry, so for once, I am not going to. I worked my tushie off in that class and it will be the hardest earned 'B' I ever got. If she decides to grade on a curve than I may have a chance at an 'A'...I should know in a couple days.

My other finals were less eventful, thank goodness!

I received all 'B's on my tests in Trig and my final was a take home which I am hoping was an 'A'...that would mean that with my homework and quizzes I might have pulled an 'A' in that class after all. I take it back, that was the hardest earned grade so many hours of studying at home, getting help from the tutors, and asking Matt questions. I can only hope that I am prepared for Calculus next semester.

Sociology was a breeze. I already know that I got an 'A' in that class. I am glad it is over but I also am realistic enough to know that it was probably my last easy 'A'.

I also know that I got an 'A' in my Literature class. My final paper (which I will either put here on the website or email to you directly) was an 'A'.

So this is how this semester appears to be wrapping up:

Sociology A
Trigonometry B
Chemistry B
Literature A

Next semester will be:

Astronomy 101
Calculus I
Chemistry 152
STU 210 (transfer course for the U of A)

Matt and I are looking to move again. We have decided (again) to put off purchasing a house until I am done at the U of A. Instead of buying we intend to rent again but somewhere close to the University. After discussing it for weeks we decided that to live close to the U was much more cost effective than buying a house elsewhere and having to pay for gas and a parking permit (every year). Plus the expense that we incur every day with Matt driving 65 miles a day is getting to be too much. If we move close to the U, and I mean close enough to ride my bike to, than I won't need to drive, I won't need a parking permit (because I will bike to school), and Matt will be that much closer to work. It is a win/win situation for both of us, except that we will be paying rent instead of earning equity in a house, but who can afford a house near the U?
Amazing how a little thing like gasoline can change your entire life. Our next door neighbor sold his truck and bought a car because he can't afford gas anymore and Matt and I have traded vehicles (he drives the Hyundai and I drive the truck) because the car gets better gas mileage. I wonder how much longer it will be before we will just have to sell the truck all together because we cannot afford $4.00 a gallon?

With the potential move to the University side of town also means that I will be switching Pima campuses my final semester. I will still have to attend the Desert Vista campus for chemistry since they don't offer it at Downtown, the campus nearest the U. I was kind of bummed at first until I found out my friend Brittney (that I met at East campus) got a job at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind and will be moving to their dorms and attending Downtown campus too. Kind of weird how that all worked out...we might be able to even get a couple of our classes together. So, the month of December will be busy for Matt and I as we try to work out all the fine details of the move.

As for additional plans over the holiday break, I am happy to say I have nothing huge planned. I want to clean my house, organize the garage, scrapbook a little, play lots of video games, catch up on my soap opera, visit my friends, and watch a lot of Stargate.

I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow!

I hope you are enjoying your day and that you are doing well. We will see you soon!