First Day at the New Job!

I started my new job today (much earlier than expected)! Overall I had a good time and enjoyed the work. I was involved with two different services starting at about 10 o'clock this morning. Each service took about 2 hours and they were back-to-back. The training was definatetly hands-on as I jumped right into my work immediately and just followed the lead of my boss or was told what to do in advance and when. I was able to handle the job much better than I initially suspected and after the initial uneasiness of seeing a deceased person I was fine for the remainder of the day. One thing I do know, I need to wear better shoes. Heels (1 inch) killed my feet today after having been on them for so long. I work again tomorrow, so hopefully I can find a new pair of flats tonight.


Anonymous said…
That's my girl!! I knew you could do it. Sorry about those sore feet, they can ruin a good day. Good luck with finding comfortable shoes. Any dress code?