Neighborhood Feud

When our new next door neighbors moved in not long ago, I knew there was going to be a difficult period of adjustment. The houses are close together, the backyards are small, and our dogs weren't used to their presence. It was a tough adjustment, their dog barked at all hours of the night for awhile and our dogs responded in kind. All of the anti-bark procedures we had implemented before they moved in were ineffective in light of the fact that their dog was barking too.

Well, yesterday we received a note from those very same neighbors on our car which said "Your dog barks constantly whenever its out in your yard. Please do something about this or we will!" Signed Disgruntled Neighbors

I am so pissed! Not because they brought a problem to our attention but because they were so rude about it. I am home 90% of the time and they easily could have knocked on my door and discussed the situation with me. I would have been happy to rectify the situation and apologize.

I am also pissed because I first interpreted this note to mean that they were going to physically harm Trudy. I hope it isn't what they meant, but the word-usage could be construed in a number of ways, one of which makes me fear for Trudy's safety.

So, I ask you my blog followers...what does one do in this situation? Make peace and grovel? Ignore them and try to fix the problem without their help? Or being planning revenge?


Anonymous said…
Bruce said…
Have Matt take a dump on their doorstep every morning until they move out. DONE!!