Post OCS: Hip MRI

I thought I would quickly update and let you know that very little progress has been made since I last posted. Matthew still hasn't seen a specialist and his pain medication runs out tomorrow. The red tape is so thick I am beginning to doubt he will ever see anyone. The hold-up seems to be in the referrals...they just can't seem to get it right. The referrals either weren't ever put in (what?) or they were for the wrong body part (double what?) or they were for a doctor on base (which we don't have access to).

The only progress that has been made is that we have an appointment for an MRI tomorrow for his hip. An MRI seems rather pointless at this point without having a doctor to send it to but I guess it is a small victory. They are still working on an MRI referral for his foot and a referral for an orthopedist.

I am distraught to say the least. He is in pain and will be in more pain come this weekend without any medication and no one at the base or the Marine office seems to care. For them this is all "business as usual" but for me this is my husband who sacrificed his body for his country. The least they could do is fix him.

I never thought I would say this, but I miss the days of Cigna.


Anonymous said…
need to make friends on the inside somehow.
Anonymous said…
Found this on Google over a year later. I got hurt at OCS too. They never did shit for me, luckily I still had civilian insurance. The USMC does a horrible job of taking care of candidates that get hurt. They do nothing and really don't care. Its awful.
Danafox said…
Dear Anonymous from September,
I am so sorry to hear that you suffered a similar experience. I surely hope that you are feeling better now and have made a full recovery. Best wishes to you and thank you for your service!