So, Why the Address Change?

Well, the 15th was my mom's birthday (and also my father-in-law's...Happy Birthday!!). I forgot to put her cards (mine and my sister's) in the mail in time, so I decided I would drop them off at her house so they would be there on her birthday when she got home from work. That night I tried to call her (as did my sister) and let her know the cards were there. We couldn't reach her. We presumed she must be out for her birthday dinner. I called the next day and left a message and called again that night. My dad answered the phone, furious, and said my mom would call me the following day. The next night my mom called and told me that she didn't want to speak to me. She said "I hope you invest 32 years of your life into someone who leaves you a card on the door" and than hung up on me. My sister tried calling her back, thinking that maybe a different voice might do some good. It didn't. She screamed at the top of her lungs at her and hung up. Later that night she cut all ties with us, deleted my sister from Facebook along with any friends we all mutually shared, the whole nine. So I guess that is it. She is no longer speaking to us because we tried to do the right thing...acknowledge her on her birthday. I am uncertain exactly what I did wrong, and I wish I had the opportunity to explain and say goodbye...

The address change is just my tiny way of cutting ties with her as well. Not mature, to say the least, but I don't feel she deserves the privilege of keeping up to date with our lives after such a traumatic disillusion.