Lily: Post Surgery

Lily has always been the dog that goes to the vet the most.  If it isn't her kidneys, it is something else.  Well, Hubby found a tumor on her back right paw a few weeks ago and we took her to the vet to have it checked out.  During the examination the doc determined that it needed to go 1) because it was between her toes and would be a nuisance to her and 2) it was pretty large and ugly.  So yesterday she went in for surgery to have two tumors removed, the aforementioned one on her foot, and another on her back.  The biopsy results (cancer or not) will be back in about 10 days.  She also had two incisors pulled as they were virtually falling out anyway.  She is doing well, heavily medicated and sleepy, but pulling through this ordeal just fine!

 Notice the bandage on her back paw, she hasn't bothered it yet despite the stitches and the fact they cut the webbing between her toes.

Trudy wouldn't sleep last night until we moved her bed next to Lily's.  She is such a good big sister (and a worrier, just like her Mom)!