Trudy: Update

I just realized that I haven't updated regarding Trudy in awhile. As you will remember, our story with Trudy began back at the beginning of March when she hurt her back. Here we are 4 months and two weeks later and she is doing remarkably well. Trudy is currently on a single daily medication, the doggie version of ibuprofen. The doc is concerned with the long term effects of being on it every day but Hubby and I are in agreement that if it makes her quality of life better in the short term than it is a chance we are willing to take. She hasn't had any episodes since being on this medication and we are pleased that she is as close to normal as we could expect. Our lifestyle has changed but we seem to have the hang of it now: carrying her down the stairs, blocking the furniture so she can't climb on it when we are gone, and not letting her jump off the couch when we are home. She also has grown accustomed to these changes, knows the routine and waits for us. 

Here is to hoping we have a few more years with our old girl!