House Hunters: Part Deux

On Sunday, Hubby and I met with our realtor to take a look at a few more properties. The first was a 1930s schoolhouse (see picture) which has been updated to be a home, the other two were manufactured homes on acreage. The manufactured homes were nice, but as I explained to Hubby, I see moving into one of them as "moving into someone else's broken dream". Somewhere along the way that family envisioned building a home on that land (like we do) but life got complicated and they grew old and never did and we would now be taking on that broken dream. Am I weird? Yes, but you must admit it makes a little bit of sense. 

The house I am leaning towards right now is the schoolhouse. It has charm, has unique architecture and is huge in size but it also comes with its own set of potential problems. The last few days I have been on the phone with our realtor, the County and the insurance company, trying to see how much effort this home will take and the restrictions that could be imposed since it is historic.

This whole house buying escapade is time consuming and we haven't even gotten to the financing part of it yet! Oregon is a "buyer's due diligence" state, so it is better to do the legwork now than get slammed with something unexpected in the future. If this doesn't work out, I don't know if I have the enthusiasm to do this again with another property. :-/