Grandma Eileen

Sad news came in from Arizona that Hubby's grandma passed away. She had a rough couple of years between recovering from a terrible car accident and heart problems. Grandma was an amazing lady, everything a grandma should be. Kind, understanding, supportive, funny and loving. She welcomed me into her home and into her family with no reservations. She cared for me like one of her own, never missed my birthday and I always felt so loved when I was with her. I know she is one happy lady today, reunited with her Lord and family but I can't help but feel sad that I won't see her smile again.

Funny story about Grandma:

When we were still living in Arizona, we would always bring the dogs with us to visit her. Both the dogs were chunkier then and we had them on a diet. Well, we told Grandma not to feed the dogs any scraps from the table. So one night, we were sitting at the dinner table and I see Grandma feeding both the dogs. Hubby spoke up and told Grandma to stop. She looked right at him, with the most kind and sincere eyes, and handed both the dogs food. We both laughed and I can't stop laughing about it even now. She did exactly what she wanted in the kindest way possible!

Trudy and Grandma were best friends!

Lily was always so happy to see Grandma

Pictures are from her visit to Tucson in 2008