Job Hunting

Can we all agree that job hunting is simply the worst?!

At first I was focused on anthropological jobs, stuff in museums, careers in my field of study but I quickly realized those jobs still haven't rebounded from the economic funk of the past 5+ years. So, I focused my attention on part time, temporary, seasonal jobs. Heck, the holidays are right around the corner, a seasonal job should be a slam dunk! I got my first rejection letter today which was preceded by my first phone interview which I didn't get a call back. Needless to say I am feeling a tad down in the dumps. 

"Your qualifications don't match our needs at this time."

Humbling words coming from a company who only needs an employee for two months. I can do arithmetic, run a cash register, smile and answer questions, but somehow I am not qualified to do those things for two months?

I feel like I am floundering in this new, not-so-improved, job market. Up is down and left is right, nothing makes sense anymore. How does one stay motivated when even unskilled jobs are turning you down?

Good news: I have been saying this for years -- simple evolution!