Happy New Year!!

2013 Phillips Family Year in Review

I thought it might be nice to take a look back at all the things that happened this year:

1.  We lost Grandma Eileen
2.  Trudy broke her back and we thought she might not recover
3.  We bought a house!
4.  We took some trips around Oregon
5.  I saw a Blackhawk helicopter for the first time
6.  My best girlfriend got married and I went back to Tucson
7.  I went on my first archaeological dig!
8.  I broke my hand :-(
9. I changed my hair color to red
10. The Spruce Goose model conducted her first/second taxi tests (8 years in the making!)
11. Hubby and I went to a sci-fi convention
12. I quit a job (the mansion), got a job (retail) and now am unemployed again...
13. Hubby and I officially got old. We stopped caring about what was new and what was popular. We were done replacing electronics just because something new came out. We didn't know a single artist on the Top-40 station anymore. We found ourselves saying "when we were young..." and "when I was a kid..."

Hopes for 2014!

1.  Go on another dig
2.  Go to a convention or two
3.  Travel and see new places
4.  Finish my Hepcat model
5.  Get the Spruce Goose to fly
6.  Have a wood insert installed in the fireplace
7.  Entertain more and have more visitors over to the house
8.  Work on the yard and plant a garden
9.  Reach my goal weight (only a few more pounds...)
10.  Find a church that we really like
11.  Have a healthy and happy little furry family in our teeny tiny little house! :-)
12.  Due to popular request: Visit the Hudsons in CA!!