Not Really An Update

Life in our household has been quiet since I returned to work. The "kids" are adjusting to the new schedule but their parents are having a harder time of it. Dishes are piling up in the sink, laundry needs to be done, hair balls are accumulating on the hardwood floors and dinner is usually cereal or something microwavable. We are slowly finding our groove and breaking the chores up between the two of us. Weekends are busy with household matters and running errands. It has been so long since I worked full-time and maintained a home that I had forgotten how much there is to do and how little time to do it in. ;-)

Work is going well. The first few weeks were really trying, I was stressed out and everyone (myself included) was having a hard time adjusting from being a volunteer to a staff member. Champoeg was also taking up much of my "evening" time and I really don't know how I made it through in one piece. Things are slowing down and I am getting the hang of my job. I owe much thanks to my docent friends at Evergreen who have gone out with me on several outreach events to help me!