Teeny Tiny Living Room: Fireplace

Hubs and I knew after the first winter in our teeny tiny cabin that we wanted to put in a real, wood-burning fireplace. We had a hole in the wall with a chimney but no insert that would allow us to keep warm. We debated for a short time about installing an insert but not replacing the surround. That didn't last long, as we absolutely felt we couldn't trust the craftsmanship of the existing surround /firebox considering the mold problems which previously resided there and nearly killed me.

So, we saved some money and started the process of our second major home remodel! We selected the insert quite a while ago, when I was on the dig at Fort Yamhill. I really wanted the cast iron version since I was finding cast iron on the dig. The stuff lasts forever! Next we selected the stone for both the wall and the ledge and finally, we choose the mantle. Finally, it was time to get the professionals involved and OH LORD! Lack of communication, missed and unreturned phone calls, unreturned emails, wrong orders, overcharges, inspections, busy schedules, no shows...you name it, it happened on this project. Hubs calculated that he expended 6 work days for this small project alone. BUT here we are right before Thanksgiving and our fireplace is complete! Isn't it beautiful!!

We ended up choosing cultured stone because real
river stone was so ungodly expensive.

Before demolition

A whole new look with antique black flagstone with chipped edges

Now with the cast iron insert.
You can see the chipped edge a little better here.

Than Hubs installed the mantle

First day of rock install

Second day...completed!

Our mason did such an amazing job!
The grout is a little dark but will start to lighten as it cures.
Really looks like a cabin now!