Happy New Year!!

2014 Phillips Family Year in Review

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the things we wanted to accomplish this past year and see if any of them actually happened:

1.  Go on another dig (Yes -- here)
2.  Go to a convention or two -- Nope
3.  Travel and see new places (Yes -- here)
4.  Finish my Hepcat model (Yes -- here)
5.  Get the Spruce Goose to fly (we tried -- here)
6.  Have a wood insert installed in the fireplace (Yes -- here)
7.  Entertain more and have more visitors over to the house (Yes)
     We did this! We had Mitch and Joy, Dan and Amy, Matt's friend Brett and my friend Marlane over
8.  Work on the yard and plant a garden -- Nope
9.  Reach my goal weight (only a few more pounds...) (Yes)
     Did it! But put those few pounds back on during the holidays. Still a success!
10.  Find a church that we really like -- Nope
11.  Have a healthy and happy little furry family in our teeny tiny little house! :-) (Yes)
       Trudy was only broken once this year and the other animals did very well, so I consider this a victory!
12.  Due to popular request: Visit the Hudsons in CA!! (Yes -- here)

Things We Did but Didn't Plan On

1.  Saved and returned a dog to its home
2.  Went sledding for the first time
3.  Did lots of crafting and DIY stuff
4.  Almost died from mold and found out I am missing a sinus
5.  Became Vice President of a non-profit organization
6.  Lots of home improvements
7.  Threw Mitch an 80th birthday party
8.  Saw an F-22 Raptor fly!
9.  Went to an Arizona Football game (BEAR DOWN!)
10.  Matt ran a marathon! (He planned on it, but didn't include it in our "hopes" above)
11.  Got a full time job and became a teacher @ my favorite museum!
12.  My sister came to visit me!!!

Hopes for 2015!

1. Go to a convention or two
2. Work on the yard and plant a garden
3. Find a church we really like
4. Watch less television
5. Give back to our local police department
6. Run a 5K (K) and run another marathon (M)
7. Reach my goal weight -- again
8. Buy a new car
9. Get a new area rug for the living room
10. Pay off my credit card (almost there....)
11. Continue doing home improvements
12. Continue to have a healthy and happy little furry family in our teen, tiny little cabin!

May 2015 be as restful as Trudy sleeping with a pegasus!