Killer (b. 2001- d. 2015)

I would like to begin this particular post with the understanding that I truly hesitated in posting about this particular subject. I don't think there is a way in which to inform people about a new purchase like this and not seem braggadocios about it. I treat my blog like a digital scrapbook which allows Hubby and I to look back over the years and remember all the cool (and not so cool) stuff we have experienced. I am simply including this as one of those cool things.

A year ago Hubby and I started seriously talking about a new car. We wanted to wait until after we purchased a house and I got a job (check and check!). We started test driving vehicles and we narrowed it down to two: either the Camaro or the Challenger. We test drove them again and again but I couldn't stop thinking about the Challenger. Hubby did a ton of research and liked what he was hearing about the 2015 model year, so we waited. He actively started looking about 3 months ago and we started visiting dealerships back in May. 

We finally ran across one that we really liked with all the features we wanted and it was right down the street. We went in to see it in person because we weren't sold on the color. We loved it! The sticker price, however, had much to be desired. The dealership had marked the car $2000 over MSRP. When Hubs tried negotiating they virtually threw us out and called Matt "sarcastic and smug". Neither of which he was being, might I add! Hubs continued to seek out vehicles but we couldn't find just the right one. We had resigned ourselves to having to order the car online and wait months for build/delivery or travel out of state when suddenly the exact car we liked showed up at a different dealership. We called to see it and when we asked how they acquired the car they stated they got through a dealer trade. It WAS the exact car from the other dealership we got thrown out of! We already had our financing in order so yesterday we brought home our first brand new car as a married couple (and for the price we wanted)! Happy anniversary Hubby!

14 years ago I purchased Killer brand new off the lot with only 11 miles on her. Besides Piper the Cat, it is the thing I, personally, have owned for the longest. It was more difficult than I thought to leave without her yesterday especially knowing that she will get parted out. Killer -- we have been through a lot -- you got me to and from work for 14 years, carried every puppy and kitty I have ever had, drove us to Vegas to get married, got me through college and made the trip from Arizona. You were a good old girl and I will miss you.

Meet my new baby! I have no idea what her name is yet as I don't know her well enough.
You cannot force a name, she will tell you when the time is right.

Yes boys, she is a V8!

The sport track pack with sport seats

Exterior Color: Redline Red
Interior Colors: Black and Ruby Red


Tom said…
Well done!

The name for my truck came while talking to a some guy getting propane tanks filled... The name will find itself.