My New Hobby

It has been lovingly brought to my attention that I haven't been keeping up on the blog lately. Honestly, Hubs and I have just not had the time to get out and do much. Between our jobs, the "kids", the house, Jackie's stroke/hospital/rehab and my position on the board at Champoeg -- I feel like all the days have simply blended together.

A highlight I found, however, when browsing through my phone were these pictures from last month. The guys I work with are serious gun enthusiasts and convinced me to go shooting at the range. I was introduced to two Glocks (a standard size and compact model) and an AR-15. I was absolutely terrified of the AR at first. It was big, heavy, loud and o' so powerful! It took some time and a trip out to the forest but I am becoming more comfortable and confident in my abilities.

My "Seal Team-6" photo

Not bad for a beginner

Handguns are far more difficult than I expected

Oregon, you are gorgeous!


Curtis said…
I approve of your new hobby. Happy shooting!
Tom said…
I find your choices most pleasing as I have made the same choices for my shooting adventures.