Giving Up or Had Enough?


These are honestly words I never expected to use during my tenure at the museum. I had always anticipated my employment status would change based on their decision, not mine. Unfortunately, the changes and uncertainty surrounding the museum have altered the way it needs to do business. Those changes include taking comp time and flexible scheduling away. While we are considered salaried employees and therefore exempt from comp time, the museum had always honored it since our department's schedule was so erratic. Sometimes we work 50-60 hours weeks, working hours during the day and the night, but we always took days off to compensate (flexible scheduling) or "banked" those hours (comp time) for later. Not anymore. If I were to work Monday-Friday and have an overnight on Saturday/Sunday, I would be expected to return to work Monday-Friday instead of getting Monday/Tuesday off. From my calculations that is 12 days without a day off. When I voiced my concern, I was told "that's the job". There are dozens of other conversations and altercations which lead to this outcome and wish I could say that I was sorry about my decision...but I am not. 

I will return to volunteering at the museum -- being a docent and giving tours brings me happiness -- I still plan to help my co-workers out with big events and maybe an overnight from time to time. I still love what the museum stands for and I believe in its mission but I will decide just how much time I will donate and when, not the other-way around.