Happy New Year!

As I do each year, I look back over the year and see if we accomplished some of the things on our list. Well, it went about as well as could be expected considering how much time we both spent at work.

Hopes for 2015!

1. Go to a convention or two -- No
2. Work on the yard and plant a garden -- No
3. Find a church we really like -- No
4. Watch less television -- No, even worse -- we watched more!
5. Give back to our local police department -- I tried but I received no response
6. Run a 5K (K) and run another marathon (M) -- No
7. Reach my goal weight No but I didn't gain anything either so this goes under "win"!
8. Buy a new car -- Sure did! 
9. Get a new area rug for the living room -- Yes, you can see it here
10. Pay off my credit card -- Yes and one of my student loans!
11. Continue doing home improvements -- Yes, you can see our closets here
12. Continue to have a healthy and happy little furry family in our teeny, tiny little cabin! 
      -- Yes, for the most part we succeeded but Trudy was at the vet quite a bit this year...

Things we did but didn't plan on...

1. Went to the NCAA Tournament
2. Went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival
3. Saw Cobra helicopters up close and personal
4. Petted some sloths
5. Visited with the Hudsons...twice!
6. Learned to shoot and bought a rifle
7. Quit my job
8. Lost some friends and made some new ones
9. Helped Hubby's mom through her stroke and dealt with hospitals and rehab centers
10. Saw the new Star Wars movie and wasn't disappointed!

Goals for 2016!

1. Run a 5k (K) and run another marathon (M)
2. Update plumbing in the cabin
3. Remodel the laundry room
4. Replace all the lighting in the kitchen
5. Make plans for full kitchen renovation (2017?)
6. DIY new curtains for the living room
7. Install a french drain on the front of the house
8. Have a Super Bowl party (Come on Cardinals!)
9. Get my rose bushes under control
10. Get a new computer desk (K)
11. Visit my sister in Texas!
12. Continue to have a healthy and happy little furry family in our teeny, tiny little cabin! 

Life Lessons from Trudy: As you get older, you can sleep anywhere even on hardwood floors, it gets harder and harder to keep your tongue in your mouth and sometimes you have to wear two sweaters just to keep warm. 
We love you Little Bear -- keep breathing in 2016!