Teeny Tiny Kitchen: Cabinets and Countertop

While I was on vacation in Texas, Hubby decided to do some major home renovations. Surprise! I had no idea what he was up to but was amazingly stunned at the transformation upon my return.

We have big plans to gut the entire kitchen next year and start over, but in the meantime there were just a few things that we were having a hard time tolerating. The sink was too shallow making large pots difficult to clean, the water faucet leaked unless you put it in just the perfect position, there were burn marks on the countertop, the fridge took up half the kitchen and the oak cabinets were original to the house and, frankly, were disgusting.

Hubby fixed all of that in just one week. He moved the fridge, dropped in a new sink, installed a new faucet, painted all the existing cabinets white, painted all the cabinet hardware bronze and installed brand new countertop.

The good thing about having a really small kitchen is that minor updates like this don't break the bank. He bought a few quality items which we can reutilize in the new kitchen but didn't invest a lot in others so they can literally be donated or thrown away in the future.



What do you think of the white cabinets? I wasn't sure it "fit" the style of a cabin but any other color just seemed to darken the room and make it gloomy. There is a clean feeling about white that is refreshing in a wood house. Don't like white? Let me know what other colors to consider...


Tom said…
What Curtis said, only with more zeal!