Game of Thrones In Concert (includes video)

For my birthday, which passed back in March, my sister bought me two tickets to the Game of Thrones concert at the Moda Center here in Portland. I knew it was coming to town and wanted to attend it with my girlfriend Brandi but Hubs kept telling me to hold off buying tickets. I started to quickly suspect that he had something up his sleeve but was very much surprised to find that it was my sister who had splurged on tickets.

On the night of the event, Brandi and I went out to dinner, wearing our finest GoT geeky apparel; her in a shirt which said "That's what I do, I drink and I know things" (which is even funnier because she owns a wine business) and I in my Hound helm shirt. We arrived at the Moda Center right on time, found a parking space ridiculously close to the venue, found our seats astoundingly fast and even indulged in some beverages before the show.

The show itself was incredible! Hubs and I had attended Star Wars in Concert back before moving to Oregon but they have really upped their game in the past 6+ years. This was an entirely new experience which included several stages, lights, video and even fire. There was a live orchestra and choir which performed the music from the show, conducted by the composer himself Ramin Djawadi. I cannot say enough amazing things about this experience! If you ever have an opportunity to attend something similar, I highly recommend it. One downside to the Moda Center is that they did not have a space where they could set up costumes and props from the show for public viewing like in other cities. That would have just been icing on the cake to have been able to see those as well.

Battle of the Bastards