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The First Day of School and My Last Semester at Pima

School started bright and early this morning and other than the initial shock of being up before the sunshine, it went rather well.

I had my graduation interview this afternoon to confirm that I have and am enrolled in all the classes that I need to be. Now, God willing, if I pass Calculus I and Chemistry 152 I will graduate with an Associates in Science and an Associates in Liberal Arts in May. If I don't pass one or both of those classes I will simply graduate with an Associates in Liberal Arts. Essentially it doesn't matter, I will graduate either way, it is all about pride now.

I finished my application to the U of A, just need my STU 210 teacher to take a look at it before submitting it. One very irritating aspect to the application is the need to furnish the University with my parents' information. I am 28 (almost 29) years old, lived on my own for almost 9 years, and have been married for almost 3 years, exactly when do I get to be independent and not need to rel…

We're Moving!

I wanted to wait until everything was finalized and the paperwork completed before I started to tell people that we are moving again. The lease was signed today, so I guess that makes it final. Our first day in our new (rental) home will be February 9th, 2008 and our final day in our Rita Ranch (rental) house will be February 24, 2008, plenty of time to get both houses ready!

We have been in our Rita Ranch home for 3 years but with my impending transfer to the U of A, it was time to make a change. After looking at some real crap-hole houses over the past couple months in the university area, we finally were able to find a nice 1350 square foot home with a block wall around the backyard for the dogs. We originally were turned down for this house because we have Piper (the cat) but after a week and the previous people backing out at the last minute because they couldn't afford the deposit, the landlords gave us a call and agreed to rent us the house.

The new place is at Grant and…

Odds and Ends

Scholarship Confirmation:
I finally received confirmation from Pima that I was nominated for the All-USA team and that I won the scholarship for my campus. Click the below image to read the letter.

I also added a new page called "videos". The video I have posted now is my creation from the television show Farscape and although I have made many videos, this one is my pride and joy. If you haven't seen the show and I am supposing that many of you haven't than it might not be as good, but the lyrics fit the scenes perfectly. I am trying to find another inspirational song, but it hasn't hit me yet, but when it does, I will post it in that section.