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Tucson Obituary

Joe Titone died suddenly in his home in Pueblo, Colorado. He was 34 years old. He is survived by his wife Melanie, daughter Savanna and son Cade; mother, Pam of Tucson, AZ; father, Pete and step-mother, Robbin of Eugene, OR; sisters, Tracey of Tucson, AZ, and Bre of Eugene, OR and brother, Chris of Albuquerque, NM; Aunt Cathy and her husband Steve, Uncle Phil and his wife Palma of Tucson, AZ; grandparents, Betty and Frank Fleming of Colorado Springs, CO; and numerous nieces and nephews. Joe was born on April 22, 1974 and raised in Tucson, AZ. He enjoyed playing all sports but fell in love with baseball a sport he played until he graduated from Churchill High School in Eugene, OR. Joe became a successful businessman by swiftly moving up the ranks of State Farm Insurance Company. This success took him to Las Vegas, NV and Pueblo, Colorado. He touched the lives of all the people he met in AZ, OR, NV and CO. He will be greatly missed. There will be a viewing at EAST LAWN PALMS MORTUARY, 5…

Additional Funeral Information

Here is the information regarding the Tucson services:

The local obituary will be posted in the Tuesday edition of the Tucson Citizen.

1/1/09 -- Visitation from 8am - 5pm at East Lawn Palms Mortuary

1/2/09 -- Funeral at 10:00 am at Saint Pius Catholic Church

1/2/09 -- Graveside Burial at 11:30 am at East Lawn Palms

1/2/09 -- Reception at 12:30 pm at Saint Pius Catholic Church

The Worst Kind of News

Many of you throughout the years have had the pleasure in meeting my good friend, Melanie. For those of you who know her I wanted to pass this information on. I received a phone call yesterday from a friend that Melanie's husband passed away. He suffered a sudden and unexpected heart attack in the arms of his wife. When I know more about the Tucson services I will pass that information on.

Below is the obituary posted in the Pueblo, Colorado newspaper:

Joe F. Titone, 34, passed away suddenly on Dec. 26, 2008. He had a wonderful Christmas with his family, mother, sister and nieces. Survived by wife, Melanie, 31; daughter, Savanna, 5; son, Cade, 3; mother, Pam; and sister, Tracey of Arizona; father, Pete; stepmother, Robbin; and sister, Bre of Oregon; and brother, Chris of New Mexico. He leaves behind many friends and family members throughout Arizona, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado. His seven-year career with State Farm brought him to Pueblo for one day short of a year. He loved Pue…

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Wishing all of you out there a very special, safe, and enjoyable Christmas.

AMEC Christmas Party 2008

Here are pictures from Matthew's company Christmas party. Not enough people within his office RSVP'ed to this shindig and the food was already paid for, so they let us bring my sister and her boyfriend, Tim. The party was at the Terra Cotta Restaurant and all of us (I hope) had a good time. At least I know Teresa and I did since we had a few too many drinks and were giggling and laughing in the backseat the whole way home as our designated drivers gave us funny looks.

Doesn't she look lovely?

We are adorable!

The awesome foursome!

Trudy has "Fat-Girl" problems...

Last Friday I had to take Trudy to the vet because she has some rotten teeth that need to be pulled. The doctor and I decided that since she is 8 years old now to do some routine bloodwork, check her Valley Fever, and Heartworm.

Here are her results:

All of her bloodwork is great except for her urine pH levels and her triglyceride levels. Apparently the triglyceride levels should be around 150 but hers are at 260. We now have to put her on a "fat-girl" diet of special food that is mostly protein and exercise her more regularly.

Her Valley Fever is need to medicate her or be concerned.

Her Heartworm came back negative so we can start giving her preventative medication.

She has surgery scheduled for the first week of January where anywhere from 1 to 3 teeth will be pulled. Her remaining teeth will be cleaned and polished. I asked for a discount, you know, since she doesn't have many teeth left and they said they "would take it under advisement". Whate…

Funny Picture of the Day

Professor Trudy says "stop playing around and do your homework!"

So Close...Yet So Far Away

Hello Everyone! Just a little post to let you know that we are home safe and sound from our short trip to Kingman for the Thankgiving holiday. The pups faired well, Piper did reasonably well on her own (there wasn't nearly as much pee to clean up as I expected) and the trip was rather uneventful. Can't ask for much more than that.

Now crunch time begins. Finals began for me today. I finished my first one this morning for OCHM lab. It was a tough, 2 part final, but I think I pulled off a good enough grade to get an A. We'll see...

My next final is this Friday which coinsides with a test in OCHM lecture. Lets just say I am feeling a little pressed for time. Both require a great deal of attention and studying, but there is only so much time left.

My last two finals aren't until the week of the 15th, so there will be a short break in-between exams. That short break should give me time to study and get Trudy to the vet since she has a tooth that needs to be pulled. …