Trudy has "Fat-Girl" problems...

Last Friday I had to take Trudy to the vet because she has some rotten teeth that need to be pulled. The doctor and I decided that since she is 8 years old now to do some routine bloodwork, check her Valley Fever, and Heartworm.

Here are her results:

All of her bloodwork is great except for her urine pH levels and her triglyceride levels. Apparently the triglyceride levels should be around 150 but hers are at 260. We now have to put her on a "fat-girl" diet of special food that is mostly protein and exercise her more regularly.

Her Valley Fever is need to medicate her or be concerned.

Her Heartworm came back negative so we can start giving her preventative medication.

She has surgery scheduled for the first week of January where anywhere from 1 to 3 teeth will be pulled. Her remaining teeth will be cleaned and polished. I asked for a discount, you know, since she doesn't have many teeth left and they said they "would take it under advisement". Whatever that means.

So needless to say we are broke as a joke right before the holidays but at least our baby got the medical attention she needed!


Anonymous said… of the many joys of parenting. I remember a girl who once had 3 hip operations before she was a year old. So "broke as a joke" goes with the territory I am afraid...and not just at Christmas time.

You are a good "mommy". There is a special place in heaven for people who adopt dogs with almost no teeth.
Poor baby!!!!