So Close...Yet So Far Away

Hello Everyone! Just a little post to let you know that we are home safe and sound from our short trip to Kingman for the Thankgiving holiday. The pups faired well, Piper did reasonably well on her own (there wasn't nearly as much pee to clean up as I expected) and the trip was rather uneventful. Can't ask for much more than that.

Now crunch time begins. Finals began for me today. I finished my first one this morning for OCHM lab. It was a tough, 2 part final, but I think I pulled off a good enough grade to get an A. We'll see...

My next final is this Friday which coinsides with a test in OCHM lecture. Lets just say I am feeling a little pressed for time. Both require a great deal of attention and studying, but there is only so much time left.

My last two finals aren't until the week of the 15th, so there will be a short break in-between exams. That short break should give me time to study and get Trudy to the vet since she has a tooth that needs to be pulled. I know, poor little girl doesn't have many teeth left, but the ones she does have seem to be rotting right out of her head. Poor baby!

Anyway, you might not see much of me for the next couple weeks, but I will definately be back after December 19th...the day of my last final.

Take Care!

P.S. We're moving again...I don't know when or where, but the decision has been made.


Anonymous said…
we'll miss you while final madness is on. catch us up on this moving thing when you can. Good Luck!!