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Star Wars: in Concert

I watched a PBS special earlier this year called The Making of Star Wars: in Concert. The gist of it is that a live symphony plays the original John Williams compositions from Star Wars while clips from the movies are shown on a gigantic screen. It is a traveling show which moves from city to city every couple of days. Hubby and I were excited to see that it was coming to Tucson, so I ordered tickets and last night was finally concert night!

First and foremost, our seats were awesome! We were four rows away from the symphony! The PBS documentary honestly couldn't give this event justice! Nothing can prepare you for the vibrations in your chest as the live symphony plays the opening theme to Star Wars (they even included the THX sound effect and the 20th Century Fox theme). They included music from all 6 movies and the video scenes were all mixed up but with a central theme, for instance, there was an entire video/musical section dedicated to the droids. They played almost …

Road Rage

I met a friend for lunch today. The parking lot was fairly empty and parking spaces abounded. That didn't stop some crazy woman from screaming at me, however, when I apparently stole "her" parking space. She rolled down her window and began screaming at me but I cannot, for verbatim, reiterate what she said as I was listening to my iPod and didn't much care to role my window down to converse with her. I simply mimed to her that this was my parking space now and that she should move on. She sat and starred at me for a long time which for some reason was supposed to bother me or make me move, which it didn't. I met up with my friend and we had a delightful lunch. The crazy woman later entered the same restaurant after having to park just two parking spaces down from me. I fully expected an embarrassing confrontation where I called her fat and lazy but instead I found Starbucks trash on my car, not smeared on or on fire, just sitting on my car.

Well done craz…

2010 Census

There are certain aspects of the census I don't agree with but overall I support the necessity to count the number of people in our country. When the census form showed up over a month ago I immediately sat down and filled it out. Strangely, a couple weeks ago a census-taker knocked on our door claiming that we did not fill out our form. I graciously invited him in (while Hubby was home, of course) and gave him the needed information, informing him that I DID return our form. He returned the following day to get information on the house next door which is an empty rental and I have gotten 3 phone calls from the census bureau since than seeking to confirm the information that I have already mailed and verbally given them.

How hard is it to count two white people in one house who have lived here for a couple years?

Folks out there think the government can run health care when it takes them 5 trys to get one family's census information right??!! God help us!

Changing my Major again? Sure, why not?

One of my professor's, in passing, stated that the anthropology department had finally gotten approval to begin a bachelors of science program in anthropology which will begin in the fall. My ears perked up, and following finals, I immediately went to my advisor to get the skinny.

It appears that the new program will be available in the fall, but most students are too far into their education to make the switch (it is intended for incoming freshmen). There are two areas of emphasis: archaeology and human biology. I do not quality for archaeology at this point, I have far too few classes and refuse to invest more time at UA. Human biology, on the other hand, I have an excellent chance of achieving without extending my stay (which completely shocked my advisor).

My initial hope was that changing my major would allow me to graduate in the Fall, but unfortunately I would still need 3 more classes in the Spring. This degree would be a science degree, instead of an arts degree which …

Lily Post-op

Lily had surgery to remove two cysts (or tumors, depending on who you ask) from her back on Friday April 30th. Some aspects were easier than I expected and some were much more difficult. The easy aspect was Trudy, believe it or not. She has separation problems when it comes to Lily, so we took her with us to the vet's office to drop Lily off. She was well mannered, very sweet, and easy to manage. In addition, when the two of us got home she slept and went about her day as if nothing was different.

Pretty much everything after that, however, was harder than I expected. When I got to the vet's office the assistant commented that Lily had been crying most of the day. They put her in the car and the crying continued. When we got home, she refused to get out of the car and the crying continued. When I finally got her inside, she continued to cry. She cried when Hubby got home and she cried through Friday night. It was the most heartbreaking day of my life, she was in so m…

Jury Duty: Complete

Hubby's jury duty came to an abrupt end on April 23rd when the defense decided to settle the case after hearing a majority of the prosecution's case. The case was between a nursing home and a family; the allegation was negligence which resulted in death. I am hoping that Hubby will make a guest spot here on the blog and give his recount, so I won't give too much away now.

I am happy to report, however, that his experience with the justice system was a positive one!