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Museum Stuff

Despite being on the active job hunt, I am still volunteering at the museum about 20 hours a week.  Hubby and I agreed that if working in a museum is what I want to do in the future, than maintaining an active role here in town is advantageous.  Yesterday was an awesome day! There are two buildings which constitute our museum, one on each side of the road.  About a year ago, the University decided to move people and offices around.  My boss was moved from one side of the road to the other and he has never unpacked.  I mean NEVER unpacked.  There are boxes everywhere, I can't walk, I can't turn around, I can't find anything.  So, I finally convinced him it was time to organize! Yesterday was the first day and I had a blast!  I love organizing, I love unpacking, I love putting things in alphabetical order, I love finding a place for everything!  My boss thinks I am nuts, but even he admits that coming into an organized office makes him feel better.  I can't wait for Mon…

Unemployed x 2

On August 19 Hubby was notified that his company would be closing their Tucson officeOn August 26 Hubby worked his final day at his job of 5 yearsOn August 30 he flew to Oregon for a job interview, unfortunately they chose an older, local candidate I have been searching for work since I graduated in May and now Hubby is also on the job hunt along with millions of other Americans. Together we have put in dozens of applications across the country and...nothing.  Not a letter, not a phone call, not an email...until last week when [redacted] contacted Hubby to begin the testing process. Keep your fingers crossed for us, send good thoughts and I will provide more information when I can.
P.S.  Hubby's former boss hooked him up with some temporary work and I got a tutoring gig at the University.  Hopefully these can get us by for a little while. :)

Where Were You?

Where were you 10 years ago on September 11th?   I was at my apartment getting ready for work (I was working at a computer store at the time).  I remember watching the first plane crash into the tower and than having to drive to work.  I remember listening to the radio in the car, in disbelief.  When I finally got to work the first thing my boss told us was "today is like any other day, keep it together".  I remember wanting to grab him by the shirt and shaking the life out of him and say "Are you kidding, today has changed our lives forever?!"  I remember streaming live coverage of the events on the multiple computers set up in the sales area and I vividly recall the towers falling down.  There were 1 or 2 customers that day but overall the streets and stores were empty.  I remember there was a man who was walking door to door selling American flag lapel pins, and the owner of our store bought each of us one to wear on our shirts.  I remember the terrifying feeli…

Coffee with the Curators

Yesterday was a big day for me at the museum!  I assisted my incredibly awesome boss with his informal presentation in front of museum folk and the public at large.  I got to play "Vanna", walking the artifacts around and showing them off.  My hubby came to support me and afterwards I had the opportunity to show him the museum and what I do all day as a volunteer.  Great day!