Unemployed x 2

  • On August 19 Hubby was notified that his company would be closing their Tucson office
  • On August 26 Hubby worked his final day at his job of 5 years
  • On August 30 he flew to Oregon for a job interview, unfortunately they chose an older, local candidate
I have been searching for work since I graduated in May and now Hubby is also on the job hunt along with millions of other Americans. Together we have put in dozens of applications across the country and...nothing.  Not a letter, not a phone call, not an email...until last week when [redacted] contacted Hubby to begin the testing process. Keep your fingers crossed for us, send good thoughts and I will provide more information when I can.

P.S.  Hubby's former boss hooked him up with some temporary work and I got a tutoring gig at the University.  Hopefully these can get us by for a little while. :)