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Doctors Appointment

I went to the doctor this morning after 5 days of persistent vertigo. It appears to be nothing to worry about, simply a virus which is affecting my inner ear, however the doctor had blood drawn anyway just to make sure all my levels are normal. He is (obviously) a new doctor for me but he said the strangest thing after looking at my patient history "you appear to be a very healthy person." Really? I never thought of myself as sickly but I also wouldn't categorize myself as healthy either.
I have or currently do suffer from the following ailments:

Ingrown toenails (which required surgery)
Hip Dysplasia (which required 3 surgeries)
Diverticulitus/Diverticulosis (which required surgery)
Hiatal hernia
Tonsil stones
Chronic sinusitis
Tubes in my ears (which required 3 surgeries)
Bad eyesight

Seriously y'all, I am 33. This would be an acceptable list for someone twice my age. Let's just admit it, I am not exactly the picture of health.

Here is a picture I …

One Giant Update

Lots of news occurred over the past week so, here goes:

Regarding the house: we received the seller's counter-offer on the house which we agreed too, signed and sent back. The counter-offer just stipulated that if the bank was going to force the seller's to pay the difference owed that they would decline our offer. We also received paperwork from Bank of America which they wanted signed, now we are playing the waiting game with the bank regarding our offer. Could be months...
Regarding me: I had a job interview today at a museum called the Pittock Mansion. Seriously, this place is stunning! Over two dozen individuals applied for the job, 6 were interviewed today and 3 will be chosen to interview again next week. From those 3, one will get the job and one will get an offer to be on-call for the holiday season. Keep me in your thoughts! Pittock already agreed to work around my schedule at Evergreen so I can do both! Awesome!
Regarding Evergreen: My resume was hand-delivered to M…

Why, Hello Fall

For the first time in my life, I am watching the seasons change. Not just summer turning into winter, but fall and spring too. Oregon is beautiful right now, the rain is back, the trees are changing colors and dropping their leaves, fireplaces are being lit and the air is crisp and cool.

Desert Tortoise Surprise!!!!

Since my sister and I were young, our family has had desert tortoises. Our first one was Jadzia, she was awesome and had such an amazing personality. Next, we got Cowboy (who was seriously the coolest tortoise ever!), Ahab and Starbuck. Ahab and Starbuck were a surprise because the guy who gave us Cowboy hid them underneath him. Than we got Big Mama. Big Mama was a friend's elderly tortoise who needed a new home. After that our family became known as the "turtle people" and every time someone found a tortoise, they brought them to us. We "adopted" Norman, Harlow and Sabino after that. 
For the past 15+ years, my parents have nurtured and fed desert tortoises and as is what happens in nature, we lost most of them. Jadzia was killed by a bird, Cowboy died during hibernation, Ahab escaped from the yard and died of dehydration, Harlow flipped over on her back and suffocated, and we still don't know what happened to Norman and Sabino but they died too. That jus…

Mercury Astronaut Tribute

I had an idea over a month ago to create a video tribute to the Mercury Astronauts. It was much harder than I anticipated. Finding NASA footage that was good quality and than getting it into a format that iMovie could understand was a process, but tonight I finished it and published it for the world to see.

The music is from the Mass Effect 2 video game. The song is called "Suicide Mission" (which is rather fitting when you think about it -- and completely not on purpose). I already have a second video in mind to complete the Mercury Program since I only had time to use footage from the first three missions (there were six total).

On a side note -- my sister says that I love heroic music and I never really noticed that fact until recently -- she is right, I do!

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it! :-)

House Hunters Part IV

This weekend we put in an offer on a house (see picture).  Crazy, right??! The house is a short sale and was posted for more than our budget, so we put in an offer that was within our budget and submitted it to the sellers and their agent. They verbally accepted (should get written confirmation in a few days). Once we and the sellers come to an agreement on everything, it will be submitted to the seller's bank. That is where we anticipate most of the problems will occur. Will the bank accept an offer below market value? Will they make the seller pay the difference? If that is the case, than the sellers already said they won't accept our offer. Will the bank take 8 months to make a decision and we end up not getting the house because it goes to auction? Short sales are a tenuous and pain-staking process only to be ventured into by the strong-willed and patient individual. Time will tell if we are up to the task.

Year Built: 1994 Square Footage: 2648 Levels: 3 Acres: 0.42 Bedro…