Doctors Appointment

I went to the doctor this morning after 5 days of persistent vertigo. It appears to be nothing to worry about, simply a virus which is affecting my inner ear, however the doctor had blood drawn anyway just to make sure all my levels are normal. He is (obviously) a new doctor for me but he said the strangest thing after looking at my patient history "you appear to be a very healthy person." Really? I never thought of myself as sickly but I also wouldn't categorize myself as healthy either.

I have or currently do suffer from the following ailments:

Ingrown toenails (which required surgery)
Hip Dysplasia (which required 3 surgeries)
Diverticulitus/Diverticulosis (which required surgery)
Hiatal hernia
Tonsil stones
Chronic sinusitis
Tubes in my ears (which required 3 surgeries)
Bad eyesight

Seriously y'all, I am 33. This would be an acceptable list for someone twice my age. Let's just admit it, I am not exactly the picture of health.

Here is a picture I found today when I really was healthy! Serious 80s style going on!

From left to right: Alana, Teresa, Cliff, Marty, Me and Malibu


AlanaMarie said…
I'm glad your doctor thinks you're doing well. And we were some cute kids! I think I may have to go and get a dilly bar today.