One Giant Update

Lots of news occurred over the past week so, here goes:

Regarding the house: we received the seller's counter-offer on the house which we agreed too, signed and sent back. The counter-offer just stipulated that if the bank was going to force the seller's to pay the difference owed that they would decline our offer. We also received paperwork from Bank of America which they wanted signed, now we are playing the waiting game with the bank regarding our offer. Could be months...

Regarding me: I had a job interview today at a museum called the Pittock Mansion. Seriously, this place is stunning! Over two dozen individuals applied for the job, 6 were interviewed today and 3 will be chosen to interview again next week. From those 3, one will get the job and one will get an offer to be on-call for the holiday season. Keep me in your thoughts! Pittock already agreed to work around my schedule at Evergreen so I can do both! Awesome!

Regarding Evergreen: My resume was hand-delivered to Mr. Smith, the owner of Evergreen, by a colleague of mine. I also introduced myself to the curator (and gave him my resume) and he said he is in desperate need of a curation assistant. Sounds like if he can get a new position approved, the curator is very interested in my skills and knowledge. I cannot tell you how much I want to work at Evergreen and how much I would love to be there full-time!

Regarding the tortoises: There are 5 baby tortoises now. My dad was out in the yard and found another baby outside the enclosure he built for them. At first he thought he had an escapee, but quickly counted and realized that it was number 5! Dad also found the hole where the eggs were buried, so he is keeping a close eye for any more. Since Big Mama is so old, she has the potential of laying 20 eggs, but we don't anticipate that many would make it to hatching.

This photo made me laugh so loud, I couldn't help but share!
She has a goat on her lap!!!!!