Post Election Day Update

Regarding the house: We heard from our realtor who heard from the seller's realtor that Bank of America will have an answer for us regarding our offer in 45 days. If I am calculating things correctly, that should be around Christmas.

Regarding the dogs: They both had their blood work done yesterday and the vet called today to say that they are both doing great! No concerns or worries and Trudy is not having any unusual side-effects from her daily pain pill. Awesome!

Regarding hubby: I have lost him to Halo 4 but I am okay with that. He works long, hard hours and deserves every ounce of playtime he can get because he is awesome!

Regarding me: I went back to the doctor today because I am still not feeling well. My previous test results came back satisfactorily. I am not anemic, and my glucose, kidney and potassium levels are all good. My doctor decided to run another set of bloodwork today, this time testing my thyroid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate levels. He wants me to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in the next week if my symptoms persist. In addition, he would like to run a head CT to make sure my brain is okay.

Regarding the job: I had a second interview at Pittock Mansion last week and on Friday they called requesting a list of references. Things are looking up! UPDATE: I just got a call about 30 seconds ago to come into the Mansion tomorrow morning to meet the staff. Sounds like they like me!