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Words I Never Thought I Would Say...

I got my keys to the mansion today.

Photo courtesy of Squid Vicious

A Catholic Principal, A One-Legged Marine and A Swearing, Drinking Nun

Hubby and I had the pleasure of joining one of my friends from Evergreen and his family for Thanksgiving dinner. We watched football, ate decadent food and sipped on wine. There is something very freeing about joining a family that isn't your own for dinner. There is still all the bickering and arguments that occur at family get-togethers, they just don't include you!

My friend, Joe, is the one-legged Marine, his wife is the Catholic principal and her friend SAM (Sister Ann Marie) is the swearing, drinking nun. In addition, there were 7 more guests who were either family or strays like Matt and I. Add 3 standard-sized poodles to the mix and it was one heck of a party!

Mass Effect 3

Tom and Curtis, do not read this post if you haven't finished Mass Effect 3 yet!!
Do you remember back in March when I completely lost my mind because they ended Mass Effect 3 in the most stupid and ridiculous way possible? In case you forgot, here you go. Well, I played it again (actually I played 1, 2 and 3 again back to back) after Bioware released a patch which included an extended and updated ending. It isn't perfect, but OMG it is so much better than it was before. It doesn't solve my biggest grievance which is that everyone had the same ending but it did at least answer what happened to the crew you have been working with for 3 games. I have to give Bioware some credit for listening to the fans and doing the right thing.

Good News and Bad News

First, the good news. I got the job at Pittock Mansion! I start sometime next week. Also good news, confirmed I won't work at Pittock on Mondays so I can stay at Evergreen too! Bad news, I might not get to meet with the model group as much as I have been. My schedule will be erratic for awhile during the holiday season so I may miss working on my plane for the time being.
The C-130 that Dwaine and Harold are working on
C-130 hung up until they return from Arizona
Static model of the Spruce Goose which we hung today
She's a beauty!

Happy Birthday USMC!!

Every year Evergreen celebrates the awesomeness that is the USMC! Today we sat, drank coffee, talked and enjoyed the company of many Marines and their families. Thank you to all Marines who have, do or someday will serve this great nation. We can never repay you for all that you give.

Post Election Day Update

Regarding the house: We heard from our realtor who heard from the seller's realtor that Bank of America will have an answer for us regarding our offer in 45 days. If I am calculating things correctly, that should be around Christmas.
Regarding the dogs: They both had their blood work done yesterday and the vet called today to say that they are both doing great! No concerns or worries and Trudy is not having any unusual side-effects from her daily pain pill. Awesome!
Regarding hubby: I have lost him to Halo 4 but I am okay with that. He works long, hard hours and deserves every ounce of playtime he can get because he is awesome!

Regarding me: I went back to the doctor today because I am still not feeling well. My previous test results came back satisfactorily. I am not anemic, and my glucose, kidney and potassium levels are all good. My doctor decided to run another set of bloodwork today, this time testing my thyroid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate levels. He wants me to see …