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Teeny Tiny Bathroom: Before and After

The first thing Hubby did before we even moved into the cabin was rip out the old bathroom. It wasn't intentional -- so to speak -- but once the ball got rolling, there was no stopping it. We had decided we were only going to replace the shower surround, it was gross, broken and in danger of leaking water. Hubby pulled that out and discovered dead mice in between the bottom of the tub and the subfloor!! Yikes!! Once he cleaned those out, disinfected and sealed up where they were gaining entrance, he just keep demolishing. Next he pulled out the vanity. Underneath the vanity, in the vacant space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor he found more dead mice, their bedding and a bunch of dog food (I spared you the photo, you're welcome). Than he pulled out the toilet, ripped down the mirror/medicine cabinet, and finally took down all the paneling. Behind the paneling he found even more dead mice!! Nasty!! And because he couldn't stop until he was sure, he tore down…

Madam Vice President

A few months ago it came to our attention that the Friends of Historic Champoeg non-profit group was thinking about dissolving. With the dissolution would likely be the end of the Promise Program I had been teaching with. There was an emergency meeting where people from all over offered to help and contribute and thus created a new board of directors -- of which I was one. Last night we had our first board meeting with all the new board members and I was voted in as Vice President. So, in addition to being a teacher with the organization, I am also an executive officer. I am humbled, worried and excited about the year to come!

9 Amazing Years!

July 24, 2005 was absolutely, hands-down the best day of my life...  I married my amazing husband on the bridge of the Enterprise D! Happy Anniversary Hubby!! We are awesome!

DIY: Felt Flower Pots

My sister had a really good idea the other day -- take the felt flowers that I have been making for the wreaths and -- create a flower arrangement out of them. So, I went to Joann's and for less than $7 was able to make two different arrangements. The pots were less than $2 each and using my 30% off coupon was able to get the styrofoam balls for $3.84. I already had the felt ($0.33 per sheet), hot glue sticks ($6.00 per pack) and pearls ($1.99) in my crafting box so there was very little extra expense. None the less, this was very fun and inexpensive way to create two gifts on a budget!

You can see all of my creations on pinterest:

Homeownership is a Nightmare (sometimes)

To say that the past few months of been a nightmare when it comes to our house might be a slight exaggeration but it has tested our resolve and our patience.
Issues started back in March when I got a sinus infection. Considering it was Spring in Oregon, we didn't think much of it. I was on a dig and exhausted and just didn't get better. So 10 days of antibiotics later, I was feeling good. Several weeks after the antibiotics, I was sick again. Strange but not uncommon. 14 days of antibiotics later, I was feeling better. We went to California and had a wonderful time. We got home and I immediately started to feel terrible. On a hunch, we hired a mold company to come out and do some air quality tests. They discovered black mold. I went to the doctor and he ran some blood work which confirmed that I had antibodies for black mold in my system. I got sick for a third time, this time they tried 21 days of antibiotics and ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. While I laid in bed too ill t…

Daisy Duck is All Grown Up

Last week I visited Mitch and his wife out at their house where I also had the opportunity to visit Daisy. I cannot believe how much she has grown! In just a few short months she has gone from adorable yellow duckling to a beautiful full grown duck. The family is still debating about what to do with her as they have grown rather attached to her and she to them. :-)

DIY: Monogrammed Neutral Toned Yarn Wreath

I finished and mailed this wreath to my good friend in Tucson about a month ago. The palette of her new home is neutral so I stuck with earth-tone colors and added the "L" for her last name to give it a personalized touch. She has two cats and two dogs, so I also added the animal paw prints so everyone who walks through her front door will know she is an animal lover.

You can see all of my creations on pinterest: