Homeownership is a Nightmare (sometimes)

To say that the past few months of been a nightmare when it comes to our house might be a slight exaggeration but it has tested our resolve and our patience.

Issues started back in March when I got a sinus infection. Considering it was Spring in Oregon, we didn't think much of it. I was on a dig and exhausted and just didn't get better. So 10 days of antibiotics later, I was feeling good. Several weeks after the antibiotics, I was sick again. Strange but not uncommon. 14 days of antibiotics later, I was feeling better. We went to California and had a wonderful time. We got home and I immediately started to feel terrible. On a hunch, we hired a mold company to come out and do some air quality tests. They discovered black mold. I went to the doctor and he ran some blood work which confirmed that I had antibodies for black mold in my system. I got sick for a third time, this time they tried 21 days of antibiotics and ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. While I laid in bed too ill to function, my amazing hubby tore this house apart. Window casings -- gone, our newly remodeled bathroom -- holes in the drywall, the fireplace -- completely gutted, furniture -- every piece inspected and cleaned, rugs -- shampooed, kitchen cabinets -- taken down and inspected. You get the picture...

We never did find anything conclusive, not once did we find something and say "AH HA, that is black mold!" but hubby did find some suspect wet insulation which has been stuffed in the fireplace cavity (WHY??). After this extensive search and cleansing of our house, we had the mold guys back out to test the air again and NO MOLD! Hallelujah!

The CT results are also in with some interesting results: I have an itty bitty teeny tiny maxillary sinus on the left side of my face and a deviated septum! The right side is normal -- the left side, not so much. When I get a sinus infection (as I did three times when we had the mold) the left side isn't able to drain the way it was meant to making it so much worse. Doc and I have a plan of action which includes allergy pills, nasal sprays and a neti pot every single day to keep the symptoms at bay and stave off any infections from happening in the first place. If that doesn't work, surgery might be necessary wherein the doctor will create a new sinus for me. Crazy, right? Doctors can make sinuses, it blows me away.

I think this has been the longest four months of our marriage. A lot of money, kleenex, worrying, sleepless nights and waiting for results to come in. A lot of illness and suffering on my part as I fought the symptoms, knowing that getting better was not going to happen until we found the problem. So much stress for hubby as he combed over this house after work EVERY night, desperately seeking out the mold while I coughed uncontrollably from another room. Situations like this can make or break a couple...I love him more today than ever!