Teeny Tiny Bathroom: Before and After

The first thing Hubby did before we even moved into the cabin was rip out the old bathroom. It wasn't intentional -- so to speak -- but once the ball got rolling, there was no stopping it. We had decided we were only going to replace the shower surround, it was gross, broken and in danger of leaking water. Hubby pulled that out and discovered dead mice in between the bottom of the tub and the subfloor!! Yikes!! Once he cleaned those out, disinfected and sealed up where they were gaining entrance, he just keep demolishing. Next he pulled out the vanity. Underneath the vanity, in the vacant space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor he found more dead mice, their bedding and a bunch of dog food (I spared you the photo, you're welcome). Than he pulled out the toilet, ripped down the mirror/medicine cabinet, and finally took down all the paneling. Behind the paneling he found even more dead mice!! Nasty!! And because he couldn't stop until he was sure, he tore down the entire ceiling, where guess what.... he found more dead mice. He disinfected the entire -- now gutted -- bathroom and started all over. New dry wall, new paint, new shower surround, new toilet, new exhaust fan, new vanity, and a new mirror!

                                        Before                                                                    After

New vanity and mirror that Hubby picked 
out while I was out of town. Quite lovely!

No reason to buy overpriced Star Trek towels when 
you can just buy regular towels in the right colors!

No bathroom is complete without a little Kirk

Lily wants to be "beamed" up

The Star Trek bathroom is by no means complete. 
I still have a wish list of things I want to do:
  • Change out the hardware so everything is oil rubbed bronze
  • Replace the gray floor mat with a black one
  • Add molding to the floor and ceiling
  • Sand and refinish the wood walls
  • Change the paint color to be more gray and less purple 
  • Replace the flooring
  • Eventually we would like to remove the false ceiling so we can take advantage of the vaulted ceiling


It looks so awesome! What a transformation. You guys did such a great job. Matt is right, you just need to do what you do because it's amazing!