Teeny Tiny Kitchen: Storage Solutions

I can't really call this post a "before and after" because truly the kitchen has received the least amount of attention since moving into the cabin. Mostly because the kitchen is the most expensive (and overwhelming) room in the house to update. It needs a complete remodel and redesign!

I have been focused on how to get the most storage out of our existing small space. The cabinets you see in these photos are all that we have.

And because Pinterest is my new favorite obsession, I decided to search out creative storage solutions and I found the one below. The person utilized a tension rod and some shower hooks to hang the cookware instead of piling them on top of each other. Brilliant!

Storage idea via Pinterest

The only problem was I didn't have a cabinet that large (and down low where I could reach) that could accommodate all our cookware. BUT we do have a lot of wall space. So Hubby ordered some heavy duty tension rods from Amazon ($20 total) and installed them on our wall. Using shower hooks that came with the Star Trek bathroom curtain we were able to hang all our skillets and pots conveniently where I can see and reach them!

Spice rack that came with us from AZ cause my Dad made it
He up-cycled it from an old teacup display cabinet

Window valance found via Pinterest for $8 on Amazon