Best Way to Get a Job is to be too Busy for a Job

A couple weeks ago I hit Evergreen's website to see if any new employment opportunities had been added recently. Surprisingly I discovered a job in the education department was available, problem was it required a master's degree. At first I was disheartened but decided to talk to the Director of Education next time I was in. She was so excited to hear about my interest and immediately put me down for an interview just two days later. I submitted my application and resume, had my first interview and than was called back in for a second interview. The second interview was terrifying! With just three days notice, I had to develop my own lesson plan for 5th graders that taught the 4 forces of flight. On top of that, I had to present the curriculum in front of the Museum Director who also happened to be a Marine and a teacher! Despite my fear, I really felt like the second interview went well!

Than I heard nothing for 5 days straight...apparently there was some deep discussion regarding whether to hire a teacher with no museum experience, or a museum person with little teaching experience (me). On Saturday, while I was at a model airplane show, I got an email that I GOT THE JOB! 

You, ladies and gentlemen, are looking at the new (full-time) Education Outreach Coordinator. My job will be to get out into the community and get kids (of all age groups and levels) excited about aviation, space, engineering, science and mathematics. I will teach in classrooms and go to community events and perform demonstrations in addition to providing support to the education department at the museum. I am terribly excited, overwhelmed and scared! I am treading into new territory with a lot of autonomy and responsibility. The success or failure of this relatively-new venture for the museum will rest upon my shoulders.

Now the big question is: how do I work full time and still make it to all the Champoeg board meetings??

** Had to remove the image due to social media clause I signed yesterday **