New Member of the Phillips' Household...

This blog was originally on Myspace and was posted on June 10, 2007.

For almost the past year, Matthew and I have been searching for a playmate for Lily. Working/schooling for long hours and not having a lot of time to play with her, it made sense to us to find a companion and friend who she could wile away the lonely days with. We had searched pet store after pet store but never really fell in love with any of the puppies. My good friend Melissa had recently recommended that we take a look at the Humane Society. We had previously searched the pound and Humane Society and always came home depressed and crying (me).

I decided to take a look at the Humane Society website on Saturday June 2nd, thinking that it would be easier to view pictures than to actually tour the facility. I originally was looking for puppies but ran across someone all together different. On the very last page of the "adult" dog section I found Trudy. A female miniature schnauzer. I gave the Humane Society a call on the morning of Sunday June 3rd and found out she was 6 years old. Matthew and I headed down to their facility and were introduced to Trudy. She was a skinny, sickly looking pup who desperately needed a bath. I loved her instantly. Matt and I took her into the provided yard and played with her. She was sweet, scared, and in desperate need of some love. We talked about it and decided we would like to adopt her.

Of course there were many hoops to jump through, an introduction with Lily, and what felt like a lot of waiting but finally the following day after work we were able to bring her home.

Almost one week later I don't regret our decision to adopt her but only fear for her overall health.

has very few teeth
has Valley Fever
has Kennel Cough
and is very skinny

Who knows where this road will lead...all I do know is that there is a very good chance that Matthew and I saved her from being euthanized. Even if she has 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years to live, we will give her a life filled with love, kisses, and lots of snuggling.

An interesting footnote: Trudy doesn't know how to play. Lily desperately drops toys at her feet or pushes toys in her face, but she simply has no idea how to play. So much for our playmate idea.