A Little Ticked Off

After two weeks of waiting for either Photobucket (where my images are) or Freewebs (where my blog is) to fix the problem with the images I finally emailed Freewebs today to find out if the problem is on their end or not. I hope to get a response soon. In the meantime I may have to consider moving my blog elsewhere. I don't enjoy the idea as it would take a lot of time and effort which I don't have right before finals but I like my blog and want to continue to do it....so we'll see!

I got a call today that the campus President wants me to come to another banquet on Wednesday April 30th @ 3:15 in the afternoon. They have another certificate for me and want me to bring my medal. I agreed since I will be in between classes at that campus anyway. Just when I thought I was all but done with the scholarship stuff, more stuff comes up.

I am drowning in school work at the moment and Matt will be home soon...so when I hear something about the blog, I will let you all know.