Pima Community College Board of Governors Award

Matthew and I just returned home from the Pima Community College Board of Governors meeting where I received another award in recognition of my scholarship.
As far as I know this is the last event and award I will receive for my scholarship. I sure did manage to drag this out long enough. I found out about winning the scholarship in November and I have been collecting awards, metals, and accolades ever since. It is now time to put the money to use and get my bachelors!

The event was nice and I was surprised to see a fellow student, Kalli, from my math class. My teacher gave her the evening off as well to attend the awards ceremony in which she received a $250.00 scholarship for doing exceptionally well on the AMATYC math test. She (who is Indian and speaks British) and her husband (who is from Scotland) made for wonderful companions during the ceremony. Quite memorable, indeed!

This other image is just a postcard U of A sent me but I thought it was cool!