Summer Movies 2009

This summer, thus far, has been an incredibly good movie season. This is coming from the girl who never goes to the theater....ever. I will admit it, I hate the theater! I hate the kid behind me kicking my chair, the guy next to me munching on popcorn and crinkling the bag, the teenager in front of me texting on her cellphone, or the old couple 10 rows away who comment on every scene. The mere fact that these summer movies were able to lull me away from my couch and get me to sit in a huge auditorium with hundreds of other people, well that is saying something.

Movie #1: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
With all due respect to my friend Tom, I disagree with his assessment of Wolverine. I thought of the now 4 X-Men movies, this one to be the best. I enjoyed the introduction of previously unseen characters and the storyline wasn't half bad. Discovering where our favorite X-Man came from was entertaining! I will admit, however, that I am easy to please, throw something on screen that is flashy, sounds amazing, has fantastic graphics and muscles, and I am a happy girl...


Movie #2: Star Trek
There is a division in our household regarding this movie, I give it two thumbs up, Matthew gives it two thumbs down. We both can agree that the graphics and sounds are stellar and the choices they made to fill the roles of the Enterprise crew were uncanny and perfectly selected. We also agree that the use of time travel is a complete cop-out in science fiction and is an old and tired storyline. Overall, however, we disagree. Matthew is disappointed that director J.J. Abrams single-handedly changed the timeline of Star Trek forever, essentially making the past 40 years of TV and movies not exist. I, on the other hand, could think of no better way to reinvigorate a science fiction juggernaut like Star Trek than to change history and create an "alternate" timeline. I don't feel cheated out of 40 years of Trek (I embrace that past), but I feel that there are endless possibilities ahead now without the weight of so much history!


Next on the list:

Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2


Tom said…
I am not offended... seems that the thoughts about Wolverine tend to come in two varieties.... "I liked it" and "Tom must be on crack"... you would be surprised how many people fall into both categories.

Star Trek has no business being as good at it is.

I'm interested to see your take on Terminator:Salvation.