Spring 2011 Classes

This is more for my Grandma than anyone else, because she specifically asked for clarification on what my classes for next semester are all about. I don't know how helpful these descriptions will be, however. :)

Organizing data; distributions, measures of center and spread, scatterplots, nonlinear models and transformations, correlation, regression. Design of experiments: models from probability, discrete and continuous random variables, normal distributions, sampling distributions, the central limit theorem. Statistical inference; confidence intervals and test of significance, t procedures, inference for count data, two-way tables and chi-square procedures, inference for regression, analysis of variance.

Historical Archaeology
Survey of the basic data and methods of research in the material culture of modern history. The New World from first European contacts to the 20th century.

Natural History of Our Closest Relatives
Comparative primate biology, behavior, ecology and evolution.

Contemporary Approaches to Human Biology
Study of humans using biocultural perspective. Emphasis on human growth and development and human population ecology. Includes application of method and theory in the analysis of nutritional, disease and lifestyle factors. Involves scholarly exchange and secondary research