Cushing Street Ground Breaking

The Cushing Street Bridge is a project hubby has been working on for approximately 4 years. He has been to endless meetings, sat through tiresome phone conversations, and answered thousands of emails regarding this project. Yet, some how, his company was only given 2 seconds of recognition and hubby wasn't acknowledged at all. I am so disappointed! Instead the Congress people, city council members, and board of directors congratulated themselves on a job well done. How hard they all worked to get this project to certainly wasn't the engineers or architects! I despise you Tucson elected officials!

I am proud of you baby! This was a long haul and you made it!!! Congratulations!

Here are all the folks who absolutely had nothing to do with the bridge on a daily basis. They simply are in a position of power and therefore must feel important.

The artists rendered of what the bridge will look like 1 year from now.

My Hubby's plan set.


Curtis said…
not to be a dick but.. welcome to engineering. No one cares about us unless we screw up. Then the whole thing is our fault.
The most you can hope for is a 1 line reference to your company in a Wikipedia entry.
Curtis said…
Forgot to add..
I'm proud of you too Matthew. Just let me know exactly where that bridge is so I know what part of town to avoid :P