For over a year now we have been taking Lily to the veterinarian periodically to have her urine checked. (This all stems from a bladder/kidney infection she had when we were in San Diego a year ago). This test usually results in either extremely high or extremely low pH and some variation of crystal formation. The remedy is to switch her food. We have done this probably 8 times in the last year. Nothing has helped. We had her checked again last week and the results are troubling. The calcium levels are very high and she may be producing stones in her bladder or kidneys. An x-ray will be performed next week to determine if the stones have formed. If so, she will need surgery. Either way, stones or not, she is being put on a very special diet which includes only drinking distilled water. Her doctor is confident we will get to the bottom of this but we have a two month window of opportunity now before permanent, long-term damage becomes likely.