Birthday Number 34

This past Sunday was my birthday. Trudy's back was hurting again that morning although she had been feeling bad for a number of days. Earlier in the week we had decided that she had made such wonderful improvement that we could lessen her pain medication by half. Bad idea. That is not happening, after consulting the veterinarian, she will continue to be on a full pill (and if needed we can double it). 

Beside the heating pad, the sunshine was her only comfort

After Trudy was put to bed for the day, Hubby took me rollerskating for a few hours at Oaks Park, an old-fashioned rink where the floors are wooden and there is an organist who plays a giant organ pipe hanging from the ceiling. Aside from having to dodge 500 small children who spent more time on the floor than they did on their feet, it was pretty fun. ;-)

When we got home from rollerskating, we ate cake. 
Red velvet with cherries and buttercream frosting made by my Hubby

The day concluded with a delicious dinner in downtown Lake Oswego at a very swanky Italian restaurant. Overall, a wonderful day and Trudy is doing much better now!


AlanaMarie said…
Happy Birthday! That cake looks amazing!