UPDATE AGAIN: Demon in the Ceiling

I can't believe it, but I accidentally deleted my previous post about Little Lonnie
Wait here while I try to recreate it...

So a few night ago, as I was trying to go to sleep, I heard the scratching of tiny feet and the flapping of wings coming from the ceiling. Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, am I right? I immediately woke Hubby up and asked him to listen. He sleepily proclaimed, "don't worry, it's just the woodpecker."

Oh, this where I should probably tell you that there has been a woodpecker living in our attic space for over a month. We notified the rental agency immediately but it was only after we told them that the bird(s) were roosting/nesting/procreating that they agreed to send out an expert. We normally would have handled this situation on our own, however woodpeckers are a federally protected migratory species and must be handled with care.

So, needless to say I got very little sleep as I expected Little Lonnie to drill his way through the ceiling and peck my eyes out. The following night was easier once I decided to sleep under the covers to protect my head from the demon in the ceiling.

Update #1: The experts came over and determined that there is some major nest building going on but that there are no eggs. They will be back in a day or two to remove the preliminary nest and to block the openings that the woodpecker is using to gain entry to the attic space.

Update #2: Little Lonnie has been evicted! As long as he wasn't actually in the attic space when they sealed up the holes, than he should be gone. One more night and I should be able to rest easy.