UPDATE: Little Lonnie: He's Baaaack!

This morning I was greeted with quite a ruckus. I blamed the cat for hours before I ventured out to find the source of the noise. It was coming from the fireplace. As I got closer, I heard pecking, fluttering and scratching of nails on the metal flue. Apparently Little Lonnie will not be so easily displaced. He is now stuck and quite angry about it. I left a message for the pest control guys but if they don't get back to me, than Little Lonnie will have to hold on until Hubby gets home from Washington tonight. If we don't get him out tonight, I doubt he will make it much longer without food or water.

UPDATE: Little Lonnie was successfully removed, he wasn't actually in the fireplace but in a small empty space between the fireplace and the exterior wall. Once Hubby removed a vent, he immediately flew out and began eating. Lucky bird! Now the goal is to figure out how he got himself into that predicament so he can't do it again.


AlanaMarie said…
I love your labels on this post "things that are scary" I agree!