Archaeological Dig: Week 1

On Monday, after less than 12 hours home from Tucson, I arrived for my first day on the archaeological dig. Day 1 we toured Fort Yamhill, the site we will be excavating most this summer. Our concentration will be on "Officer's Row" where 3 officers lived along with their staff/help. We will specifically be looking for evidence of women at the site.

View from Officer's Row

On Day 2 we toured the sister site to Fort Yamhill, called Fort Hoskins. We won't be doing any work out there this year, but it is an excellent example of a contemporary fort. Many of the artifacts found here give us a better understanding of ones found at Fort Yamhill.

The small house is an actual officer's house which a family still lived in until recently.

On Day 3 we toured the second site we will be excavating this summer at Champoeg State Park. I didn't get a chance to photograph this location, so it will have to wait a few weeks until we get back out there.

Overall, I am tired. The dig should be an amazing experience but between the long hours commuting and the long days in the sun (in the high 80s and 90s), I am exhausted. Next week will only be worse but the bright side is that I am getting a wicked tan!